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Peeps on my patreon can get this in hi resolution or as a signed print ^_^ PLUS more exclusive photos from this set that I'm not posting here Taken by the illustrious Hashtag dump                                                
Mornin' Hashtag dump!!                                            
I know it's wrinkled. Just wanted to have proof that I haven't forgotten about y'all lol. Just finished the scarf and belt last night, which is so soft that honestly I'd wear the scarf outside of cosplay lol. *pats self on back for fabric choice* Gotta finish the arm bands and style the wig a bit and I'll be done!                
When you're a cosplayer and bored on Halloween night, you cos-test lol. Trying out some Gamora makeup for an eventual Gamora cosplay (comic book version, not movie). Been wanting to do it for a while, will probably start in 2017 though. Next time I'll try probably a lighter green so I don't have to use a filter to fix it lol Hashtag dump!                                  
Last Marowak lol. Happy Halloween :camera: Magic by Hashtag dump!!                            
I feel like I'm dancing like Enchantress in Suicide Squad lmao. :camera: Magic by Hashtag dump!!                        
Meh Hashtag dump          
Huntington State Beach
On vacay in California. Pardon the sweat, just went running lol        
Behind the scenes trash from that shoot and stuff. In the process of editing a full behind the scenes video for my patreon :) don't mind me Hashtag dump                
When you are the Pokemon leader of the country lol          
Peeps on my patreon can get this in hi resolution or as a signed print if correct tier ^_^ Taken by the illustrious -------------------- Hashtag dump                                                
Clearly this isn't cosplay lol. But got a couple of these super quick before my actual cosplay shoot on Saturday and I looooooooooove them lol. So therefore it makes it cosplay related lol. ------------------hashtag dump-----------                  

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Some of y'all wanted to know what the whole thing looked like right? ^_^ another pic is on my Facebook page as well (same name) and my professional shoot date is set for Saturday!!! Although part of me doesn't see the point in doing a shoot - everybody and their mama got good pics already lol. However, patrons will get hi res photos and a print of it ^_^                                                    
At AWA in my Marowak cosplay ^_^ Hashtag dump                                    
I did a thing yesterday. There are more I'll put up eventually ^_^ Hashtag dump!!                                            

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At AWA in my Kill la Moon cosplay ^_^ Hashtag dump                                        
Got some stuffs back ;) Marowak!! Yes my tooth thingie is flipped but shhhhh. :camera: Magic by as always Hashtag dump!!                        
Heeeeeeeey y'all ^_^ random post here. so I just wanted to announce that as of today I am a page model for !! The page has tons of beautiful and all around amazing cosplayers so please check it out! I'm super happy to be a part of it :) Hashtag dump!!                        

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Happy Father's Day You have to witness how they interact in person to better understand the level of love they have for one another, and how much he does for her. Now that :point_up::tone2: is a father.
That amazing moment when you're one of the faces of :scream_cat:. Thanks so much for letting me know :two_hearts:
I'm far from done but I'm too obsessed with this look to resist, especially this wig from that is the PERFECT Triss. And it shipped so quick!! Any other cosplayers headed to ?
We matched! :heart_eyes:
_js as from at -
:sparkles::apple:Headed to today! To kick off the weekend, I'll be in my Masquerade Snow White gown! Hope to see some of you guys there, I'll have pins to give out :european_castle: Handmade sleeves, skirt, embellished bodice & mask by me. Back hair fall by :two_hearts:
Out and about
It's too pretty to stay inside today. :sun_with_face: Contacts: "Persian Gray" from
I love and !!
Check it
po is this weekend and I have been swamped preparing for it!! How many of you will I see there? Ill be debuting my Rupaul cosplay on Saturday heheh
I got to hang with my 2 most favorite beans in za whole warudo!! My waifu for laifu and my sister from another mama (n ma boi Justin hehe) miss u lot loads n cant wait to see u again!!
Was fun being Wonder Woman today! Ill be back tomorrow at a different theatre! (Southpark- Caribbean Cinemas)
Who's getting tired of my Tifa cosplay? :joy: another photo that made :heart:️Tifa tutorial, HD files and Tifa prints on Patreon, sign up before end of the month to get them :fire:
Check out she looks amazing this cosplaymodel looks great as Lucio ・・・ :green_heart::notes:
|| by __
Just met in her Pharah/Vi!! I've been a fan of her for YEARS!! Shes so incredibly talented
Predator looks AMAZING!!
Some more pics from dragocon! It was awesome that my babe lux did a ryoku cosplay cause we we're able to take some awesome shots together in my satsuki/nidalee. It was so great to meet all these awesome people I can't wait for my next con cause I'm already having withdrawals. . . .

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