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Irvine Spectrum at dusk:sparkles:      
Finding beauty in everyday life:fallen_leaf:
Why cant I stop laughing at this? It gets funnier each time:joy:
Hope for nothing and fear nothing; just then is when your freedom truly begins:cherry_blossom::sparkles:
Carmel by The Sea City
There is beauty right where you live; you just have to take the time to recognize it.:fallen_leaf: • • •                                  
:boom:Art:moyai: • • •                                              
One of Monterey's many beauties:wind_blowing_face: . . .          
The simple things in life:low_brightness: . . .                
Thank you to everyone who made our prom night one to remember. I love this man right here and am so thankful we are part of each other's lives. I couldn't ask for anything more! Find me on Facebook to see the rest of the pics! Te amo, mi amor, con todo mi corazón :heart:️ 10/19/16 • • •                          
My wonderful man surprised me with a baby turtle! For those of you who don't know how much I love turtles, this is a dream come true! (And even that's an understatement). FOLLOW our baby turtle on Instagram! Yeah we're crazy, but who can say no to that little thing:turtle: . Thank you for the addition to our little family, mi amor!
Ironically, my barometer reads I am about 15ft above sea level, when in fact, I am ON the sea...:ocean::fire:        
I don't really have a caption for this, but it was cute:sunny:️ • • •                        

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:movie_camera:The Red Carpet:film_frames::heart_exclamation:️ • • •                              
This beautiful little girl made me feel like a princess today. I was trying on many dresses, judging myself in each one (out loud to my mother who came with me). And this young little lady smiles and says, "Wow, I think you look really pretty." I thanked her and gave her a hug and started up a conversation with her. When I asked her which one she liked best she said, "You look pretty in all of them". I told her that she was beautiful too and that she reminds me of a princess. She gave a shy smile and I walked back to the dressing room. I heard her later tell someone, "I am a princess". Who then replied, "Yes, you are." The power a few little words can have on someone's day is amazing. We should all try to be more like this beautiful little girl. Spread kindness and remember you're a princess. (This is not the dress I'm getting. And if it was, it would have a sweater over it.) • • •                                    
Morro Bay with my cousins, my man, and my dog! What better way to spend a weekend?:ocean: (Didn't get a pic with cousins because we were all having way too much fun for that!) • • •                                        

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I locked him out of his car. If this doesn't explain our relationship for the past month, I don't know what does:smiling_imp::innocent::heart_exclamation:️(And this is the only picture I have with both of us looking)      
I decided to post this one. Because in the other one, I was hugging the tree instead of Harry:upside_down:  
We went to the beach, Harry took my phone, AND we made bunny videos out of Snapchat filters! If i didn't have a 6-pack before, i do now from laughing to hard! (I'll post one of the videos later) :ocean:  

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