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Club Fitness New York
TAG A GYM PARTNER & TRY THIS.... - Preacher curl machine: Finish off biceps routine with 30sec partial hold and super setting with 20 partial reps for 3 sets..           - Order "ultimate athlete program" link in bio - : kids with gunz
Astoria, New York
Sometimes it's me that's grey but a lot of people look up to me so I have to keep a leveled head and smile.. Y'all are what's keeping me going, and I thank you for it. -            
J&L Game
Which one did you play?? Locked in 2 Awesome classics today   and   taking it back. -               - use code "aftermath"
New York, New York
  My life right now   .... right behind   album then   - Who is your favorite Artist/band ? - In celebration of this great album all programs are %10off use code AKLAN Link in bio
New York, New York
New bolt watch from just came in :sunglasses: love my   and   .. use code "FBAFTERMATH" for that awesome discount :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:... much love y'all and goodnight. -              
Solace New York
Epic day with and training at ... being surrounded by great people is what makes life so much easier to go through, we all have our demons to face so we must bring each other up no matter what. Vid will be up in 1hr on YouTube (link in bio) -                    

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Solace New York
365lb power clean with back there putting in work. Haven't went this heavy on power cleans in awhile, honestly out of all the crazy shit I do, I am scared to get low on cleans which is why I try to catch it so high. Like 5 years ago I did a clean got low and heard a pop, couldn't walk right hell even breath right for awhile... so yea.. - - Purchase ultimate athlete program use code "AKLAN" for 10% off today only (link in bio)
Solace New York
TAG A GYM PARTNER AND TRY THIS END OF WORKOUT HIIT ROUTINE. . . A1 3x10 rep deadlift A2 3x10 rep med ball slams A3 3x5 rep deadlift A4 3x5 rep medicine ball slam (60sec rest) . . Using for optimal results . .                   - Song: Saturn barz - Shoes: legacy
New York, New York
A lot of you have asked about bulking... and to once again let you know, I DONT REALLY BULK.. I am at a weight that I have been at consistently and want to stay at for rest of my life basically because I feel like it is high enough while still being able to beast out. I am 6ft 228lbs I stay between 225-230 and I do not want to change that, all I want to do is shape myself and become more athletic point blank. I feel like a lot of people ask me about getting Huge despite the fact that I don't think I am at all. But I have been training consistently all my life. It started in jr high for me and then it has been non stop since then, so that's in early 2000's possibly 2004 is when I started my fitness but on my own since 2010 so that's like 13yrs of training on deck, and that's all it is. Nothing fast just time don't rush results.. find a weight where you can do more than just look beast be beast. - "The ultimate athlete program" 10% off use code AKLAN (link in bio) 12 week workhorse gain lean muscle and perform better (link in bio) . . use code "aftermath"

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Club Fitness New York
505lb attempt today, thought today was the day but I guess not :cry:... I'll give myself till Monday and I think it's a wrap :sunglasses:comment   if you are not afraid to fail. - Purchase "the ultimate athlete program" 12weeks link in bio
New York, New York
Tag a friend...Sample routine from my "Ultimate athlete program" one of the more weightlifting days, also all programs are %10 off today by using code "AKLAN". Get to it :punch::tone4: (LINK IN BIO TO ORDER)
Life Health & Fitness Sports Club
"You have dishonored me" that moment when you think you are training obliques but in reality your training to chop someone in half one swing with your katana...   -               - The ultimate athlete program still 10% off hurry before time runs out, use code AKLAN (link in bio)

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:ten:k what ??? .... thank you ... thank you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:love and appreciation for y'all thank you for the support. Let's keep grinding :muscle::tone4: with me awesome workout feeling powerful for the opportunity my best for you. :v::tone2:
:revolving_hearts::fire: PINK CORAL FUEGO :fire::revolving_hearts: Rose Gold Elixir as always to prime s Soft Lilac and Retro Coral liquid lipstick s GlowKit (Daydreamer) in the middle
:fire:KETTLEBELL GLUTE AND LEG WORKOUT:fire: Each exercise is 20 x 3. Tag your gym partner:dancers:
I lost my dear grandfather today... he was a great man, amazing father, incredible husband and the best grandfather. I don't do this kind of stuff normally but this man needs to be remembered for his kind is almost extinct. My grandfather and granny were holding hands until the end.. I am lucky to have been your granddaughter and I love you so much. Rest In Peace.
Missing my so much right about now:sleepy: This was us going to our first concert and he had no idea what he was in for lol. And now he listens to and we are going to our second one in July :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::metal::tone1::guitar::fire:
When the argument is over and they say something under their breath:unamused: Products used: Rose Gold palette Cakewalk on the lid Samantha lashes highliner gel crayon in Lollipop! s Glow Kit Chill Zone liquid lipstick Moonstone and diamond crusher in Acid Fairy
:sparkles: LET THERE BE GLOW :sparkles: Eyes: 35Om and 35E palettes 251 lashes Cry Baby liner on water line s Daydream on inner corner Sunset Cove under eyes Ink liner in Trooper Face: Rose Gold elixir as primer Fit me Dewy+Smooth foundation Shape Tape concealer Born This Way concealer to highlight Hoola contour stick/bronzer 3D highlighting palette Lips: Mahogany lip liner Cafe and Madeira lipsticks BRB lipgloss
Watch to see what made me cry:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sob: Products used: Rose Gold palette Cakewalk on the lid Samantha lashes highliner gel crayon in Lollipop! s Glow Kit Chill Zone liquid lipstick Moonstone and diamond crusher in Acid Fairy
"You may not be there yet, But your closer than yesterday" :muscle:
BB RAW presents: Terron Beckham (). It's not every day that you see such a powerful mixture of strength, speed, & skill within the frame of a single individual. Here, the ultimate athlete shatters the boundaries of the fitness world. Head over to our channel and check it out now: https://youtu.be/pSze9kvSsJQ Who do you want to see next? Tag the person in the comments below!
17.5: 10 rounds for time. 9 (95 lbs) and 35 . -------------------------------------------------- #:lifter::tone2:
When gets in his zone, there's no . He's ALL business. His everyday is unparalleled. The new JJ II is built for performance on or off the turf. :punch: Available on reebok.com.
S/O to my bro for being relentless in his pursuit toward fulfilling his dreams. Much respect!! Go and get that CHAMPIONSHIP belt. I'll see you soon in New York. The :clapper:ACTIONFIGURE
Foto com uma das pessoas mais importantes para que toda a preparação fosse possível. Meu pai sem dúvidas teve extrema importância no meu apoio psicológico, ajudando cozinhando o que precisava e sempre me apoiando e me motivando a correr atrás e me dedicar ao que realmente quero! Sempre me espelhei e tomei meu pai como exemplo, e ele sempre será meu herói, devido suas atitudes e pela maneira que me educou e me ensinou a viver e batalhar pelos meu sonhos. . . .
Guess I'm doing something right lmao!
Final deadlift deload, focusing of developing speed and emphasizing better hip position. 6 days out.
Eyeballs are weird. Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em
Happy Hump Day:bangbang:️Yes I'm grown and sexy. Don't get it twisted Pops still has the sauce... checkin out this gear for me and , special thanks to and for the plug:bangbang::ok_hand::tone4::100::pray::tone4: We need some more for my other sons too......because I'm Pops to everybody but not everybody! :rofl:
Hey Instagram!!!! It's been a minute! Well like I said awhile back in taking my YouTube more seriously and I'm close to 1000 subscribers!!! I just started something called the and it would be great if you went to YouTube and checked it out!!!! Hope to see you there! (This is the part where I lose a ton of followers lol)
You all gave us a love more precious than diamonds:heart: thanks for helping us do this:raised_hands::tone4:

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