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Late night vibes   :notes::notes::notes::notes::notes::notes: looks I would have enjoyed her show tonight in ATL
 :arrow_forward:  wants you to know something.... and   is a hater:joy::joy::joy:
Look what I found :peach::sob: Circa 2014
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I play to win ;0 full album going on Patreon / vickta                    
Libby has been Releashed! The amazing Love family were looking for a young, female, toe-nibbling, smart and slightly naughty, Jack Russell. Libby fit the bill! Libby will have a life of hikes, snuggles with her human sister and playtime with her fur older fur brother. Thank you to Chrissy for fostering this baby girl!!
I been through the ups and downs I just decided that up was a better place for me..... New album   coming soon
I ain't even got to say nuttin......                  
    on   til  ..     on the app            ..   :dvd::loud_sound::radio:
HAPPY SUNDAY!            
Working on a   endless opportunities.          
Liberated! on hair :scissors:️.   Sunnies courtesy of :rose:             
It's amazing how someone in your life can disconnect feelings as if you were never even there like footsteps washed away in the sand!   and  
Yolo (aka Elvis) has been Releashed!!! Yolo is with his own family this morning and will surely be spoiled this weekend and to the end of time. Jennifer and her sons were searching for a dog with character and were instantly in love with Yolo. They couldn't get enough of Yolo and his glasses or bow ties and knew he is the one they have been searching for. One of her sons is attending KSU and might try to sneak him into his classes. Yolo will have a big yard to run and play in, a large subdivision to walk and sniff out the neighborhood dogs, nearby trails to hike and run. They have not agreed on a name yet. He will always be Elvo (or Yolo or Elvis) to his foster dad. Yolo was so excited he wanted to drive himself to his new home!! Happy Tails! Thank you Kelvin for being such a great foster dad too!
We get a perspective on Atalanta United from an LGBTQ fan - does the new club reflect the city's diversity? :flag_white:️‍:rainbow: New article up on the site. (Pic: Mike Boening)
Our Hindu pantheon hat has by far been one of our most successful design compilations with here is rocking it amazingly!
Helicopter ride around all of ATL    
They make my head look small :sleepy:
Let's just say when the Releash team divides and conquers, it makes for a busy day!! Cagney and Lacey here are two new members of the Releash Atlanta family and there are more on the way from our other mission! These two are what we believe to be Schnauzer/Maltese mixes and are about 9lbs, 5ish years old and VERY sweet with dogs and cats!! They're not officially available yet, but you can apply for one or both of them today! (they are not on our website yet) Also! Of course they will need to be fully vetted so if you'd like to help us with Cagney and Lacey's vetting, please use one of the following methods! *Visit and click donate *PayPal or Venmo (if paypal says session inactive - log out and log back in!) *Mail a check to: PO Box 731 Flowery Branch, Ga 30542 We are thankful for every penny raised to help with their vet care! Thank you!! :heart::feet::heart::feet::heart:
I was pushed to do some things for the first time in my workout today that a month ago when I started....I didn't think would ever be possible. And then I grew cat ears. Feeling strong and slightly magical
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I simply want to say Thank You to Tyler Perry for the opportunity to be a part of the trailblazing work you are doing at Tyler Perry Studios.   will be on the big screen, and I am in awe of God's grace towards me. Please pursue the dreams and talents that God has put inside of you. He's faithful to make them come true!!! Choir Members thanks for all of your support and tagging! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:                  
- "Nancy" :weary::fire: he ain't drop it yet but Yanno what's a song witout Ayo & Teo dancing to it :joy::shrug::tone3:‍♂️ I miss the Jerkin Days , Footwork King of Michigan was , Dougie king was Me LMAOO ||   || song comin soon :raised_hands::tone3:
B R O S :broken_heart: || DROP EMOJIS :arrow_down::two_hearts:
Lmaoooooo is an awesome boyfriend but he just can't satisfy me the way Papa Smurf can.. or as I like to call him, Big Daddy Blue Balls l    
Great to catch up with my friend, America's Sheriff, David Clarke. A great voice for law enforcement and a great guy.      
:metal::tone2:   went crazy :face_palm::tone3:‍♂️:fire::fire: || THE OUTLET TOUR Atlanta the other night :smiling_imp:
  ・・・ You can tell when niggas never been nowhere before :unamused:   :joy::tired_face::joy::joy::joy:
Throwback Thursday pic of Ivanka and I a long long time ago. I'm rocking the bowl cut.        
Hanging out with my buddy R. Lee Ermey aka The Gunny at the NRA Show. Lee has been a good friend and shooting teammate for years and is truly a Great American.              
Swipe left, found lipstick that matches my buddy! It's not a filter. :unicorn:    
Watching delivering an amazing speech to the Leadership Forum.              .
500K VIEWS in less than a month. Thank you all. Next up a MILLI. *LINK IN MY BIO* oh & Atlanta I'm home.
Roses are red, violets are blue, his balls be too.... if he can't rub one out to you...? I'm a poet. Keep the nudes a flowin, thot life 2k17 is real:thinking::smirk::joy::shrug::tone2:‍♀️ l    
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  ・・・ :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: stupid! Good Night!
Likewise Colion, great to finally meet face to face.   with ・・・ Had a great   conversation w/ today. It's dope being able to have a no bulls*** gun conversation with someone in his position.
  with watch my latest videos
  When Derek Blanks was shooting his "Alter Ego" series, he asked me what I envisioned for myself, and I had no clue. I was, however, going through a tough time, where I was just so disillusioned with the Entertainment Industry. I went for a hike and thought about it, thinking that you need such tough skin to shield your true self from the hate, rejection and bullshit you deal with on a daily basis. The fraudulent friendships, the empty promises... they begin to weigh on your soul and threaten to change you. And so a picture started to form in my head: my two selves, the tough, indestructible version of myself who protects the vulnerable, transparent self. My heart being exposed as a reopened wound was done in post production. Everything else is makeup. And brilliant. The talent I worked with that day executed my vision beyond expectation.
  ・・・   has literally morphed into an entire generation :scream:       :sob::boom:  
  ・・・ On: tooth getting knocked out!     TAG IT. JUST JOKES. THATS THE HOMIE!    
:v:Saturday Vibes
Happy Sunday :slight_smile:
I'll be signing posters of my previous   build at booth Fri 10-12 & Sat 4-5:30.    
Body by Snow .....
Innocent until proven thick as fuxk. Y'all I'm thick asf :grin: Shot by:              
"Make It Rain Blue Dolphin" :dolphin::ocean: | Thanks to the big bro for letting me be apart of this beautiful masterpiece :pray::tone4: :flag_co::flag_us:
  stunt doubling on That girl can kick!
Gardening ! I'm a stay at home creative.

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