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The Devils in the details.
Snapped this photo Saturday night after we left the We attended a very entertaining Drag Queens of Comedy show.    
is killin' it    
:sparkles::sparkles::sparkles: >>>
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GET INVOLVED :muscle: TAKE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY :muscle: :arrow_double_up:Watch This Video:arrow_double_up: This Is Our City :city_sunset: :black_small_square:Vacant Land :black_small_square:Open Space || :black_small_square:Available Assets for Creative Ideas :black_small_square:Help Build This City
I think I'll steall all of 's Supreme tshirt collection :smirk:  
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Ima doggy paddle AND go dancing in this suit... :swimmer: :dancer: . . :camera_with_flash: . :lipstick::dress: . . .
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:fire::fire: Repost Get creative.            
D:black_small_square:W:black_small_square:P || :bust_in_silhouette::camera:
Had a great time on set last week for feat music video F with you! The view was life :heart_eyes: Make sure to look out for the release :sparkles: - Swimwear Lenses code LANI15
Here's another look at the nails I brought to life the other day. And this is why I enjoy working over other people's work… I gain lifetime clients :tongue::heart_eyes::blush::heart:
Honored that the team behind the tv show The 100 () is rocking their favorite Fidget Spinners!  
Catch ya later Monday :sunglasses::fire:        
My hilarious blue eyed twin sister has a new show premiering TOMORROW on & don't miss it she is great.:pray::tone2: 
Repost :fire: Behind the back throw start double thigh bounce with the pro fidget spinner. Hit the link in my bio to get one!
Follow :black_circle:️ ⠀ :black_circle::black_circle: ⠀⠀:black_circle:️⠀ ••••• :black_circle:️Model:
Happy   everyone!       Fun Fact: Batman's first ever appearance was in Detective Comics #27  way back in May 1939!!!!
So excited for you all to receive your new collection pieces! These embroidered scarves are MUST HAVES. :heart_eyes: You can preorder these now on our site!
:hear_no_evil::see_no_evil:PEEK-A-:ghost::heart:️ ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• :camera_with_flash: by the amazing :lipstick: by beautiful ----------------------------------------------------                                                        
Military Monday. You shall receive respect by your actions not by your words. :tophat: hat Photos:camera_with_flash: by Styling:shirt: by :radio:     
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***YEEZY BOOST 350 GIVEAWAY*** 1) Follow & 2) Turn post notifications on for both accounts 3) Tag 3-5 people and like this photo 4) Comment done and your size One winner wins a free pair. Contest lasts 7 days. More entries better chance. GO! :white_check_mark::white_check_mark::white_check_mark:
Sunday vibes live from Los Angeles, Killafornia......     :ok_hand::tone4:
thank you al for the opportunity to go across the country and rock them stages. thank you to all the fans that came out every night. thank you for the love in new york. thanks to everyone who went along and made the experience memorable. make sure u go cop '1992' today!!! :camera_with_flash:
Can you guess what day it is? :smiling_imp: - :point_right::tone1:SnapChat: Msjojobabie
In case you haven't been told lately.. You are LOVED, you are IMPORTANT, and you MATTER :raised_hands::tone1::kissing_heart: - May your day be blessed with Peace & Love! :heart:
Remember that people will always judge you, no matter what you do in your life! You cannot make everyone happy and NOT everyone will like you..but you know what? their opinion doesn't f*ckin matter!! :middle_finger::tone1::middle_finger::tone1::middle_finger::tone1: - LIVE for yourself and your own happiness!.. EVERYONE deserves to be HAPPY :heart::pray::tone1:
Fede holding a baby Vs. me holding a baby :rofl:    
If you want to bring certain things in your life, You must first be positive mentally to be prepared physically :raised_hands::tone1:. You cannot diet/workout your problems and insecurities away! The desire to change is the shit we keep locked up inside, afraid of being judged. You'll never know the true nature of the transformation your capable of achieving! You must trust and believe in yourself! - BELIEVE YOU CAN and YOU WILL :100:  
Summer is near guys, and it's crunch time! :punch::tone1: Messy hair don't care :ok_woman::tone2: going super heavy on legs today so I gotta have my BCAAs on hand :raised_back_of_hand: To help reduce muscle fatigued, aid in my recovery and most important..curve my appetite :raised_hands::tone1:because this Asian loves to eat :weary:   - What is your favorite post workout meal?! :burrito::stew::salad:
Couldn't do it without all of our unbelievable fans...YOU guys :purple_heart: Thank you for tonight :raised_hands: More of our night on IG story :kiss:
Ciao LA :relaxed: 
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Long or short hair ??? Fitness shoot coming soon :raised_hands::tone3::muscle::tone3:   :lipstick:by :kiss: :camera:  
Birthday week is starting today :hugging:  
Smiling because 1st workout is complete :white_check_mark: NEVER skip your protein after your workouts! MUST FEED GAINZ! :100: It's NOT easy to be on point everyday..sometimes I don't have time to go to the store! So days I dont cook, I have Level-1 protein shake as a meal! MY FAV flavor is Cinnamon Peanut Butter Cup :chocolate_bar::yum:..   - Who's down for round 2??? :wink: Hitting legs tonight :lifter::tone2:‍♀️
Thanks to all the fans we are BACK!! Season 6 !! Gonna be a long summer, esp with what's going on right now. get you all through the summer don't forget we have   only on bravo this summer!    
How's business?
A BIG thank you to & for KILLING my hair (in the best way possible) today! Stephen slayed the blue, Donovan with the Gaga inspired bangs. Obsessed. You all should follow them for hair inspo! In loveee :haircut::tone2::blue_heart::haircut::tone2::blue_heart:                
Natural glam for today :rose:
A lust for life keeps us alive :metal::call_me: // I'm leaving California today! This was my first trip on my own and I think it was a massive success, I had a lot of fun and got a lot of work done! Now I want to move to California, though. Uh oh. :cold_sweat: See you soon, Toronto!    
Photocred: secret bae who isn't so secret anymore :rose: also we uploaded a new video today on the main channel so if you haven't seen it, the link will be in my bio :zap:                      (peep the new room) hehe
Lmaoooo what would you do? l the long version is WAY funnier too, link in bio shot by
:notes:Had to throw some Whitney into training. :dancer::tone3:Comment your last emoji! :crayon:
Debating cutting my hair... Yay or nay?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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