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:ok_hand::muscle: . Follow :open_hands::muscle:
NewYorkCity :hatched_chick:
Love them!!!!   ・・・ The most beautiful Hispanic woman at the                                
Ayeeee. at the   !
Dance to the rhythm of your own beat! :notes::headphones::notes:              
Man, running 10 accounts is time consuming :laughing: Follow :open_hands::muscle::punch: Other 3 are non-fitness related
Loveeee all the lingerie and sexy bikinis I got from :smiling_imp: I was legit playing dress up, prancing around the house in sexy stuff for no reason :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Thanks
My    ! :black_heart: I really would like some sunshine in my life though! So for now                        
New bolt watch from just came in :sunglasses: love my   and   .. use code "FBAFTERMATH" for that awesome discount :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:... much love y'all and goodnight. -              
:fire::fire::fire:   ・・・ Best themed fashion of the night                      
• I present to you my new project. THE BARE EXPERIENCE ( ! It is an invitation ONLY VIP event limited to 6 incredible models. - Now open for applications. Anybody can participate who is brave enough and loves to inspire others. In a nutshell it is a getaway photo event at a private luxury beach villa in Cabo, Mexico. The catch? No make up involved! - As an anti-dote to the modern shackles of perfection that the social media world subjugates everyone to, the BARE experience wants to feature and publish strong, beautiful and fearless women who inspire other women in an all natural and raw way. You don't want to miss this!:raised_hands::tone1::camera_with_flash::heart:️ - The BARE experience includes: - FREE (you read that right!) 4 NIGHTS LUXURY VILLA ACCOMMODATION RIGHT ON THE BEACH - PROFESSIONAL BEACH & VILLA PHOTO SHOOT WITH KAI YORK - 5 PROFESSIONAL FASHION MAGAZINE STYLE EDITS - ALL 'BEST OF' PHOTOS UNTOUCHED - MODEL POSING CLASS WITH KAI YORK - DAILY BEACH FITNESS CLASSES WITH _ Deadline to apply is May 14th! All details and how to apply here: Dare to go BARE? _                  
Wow !!! Espectacular :clap::tone1::clap::tone1::clap::tone1:  ・・・  
Embracing Spring :cherry_blossom:
READY...SET...M:heart:️ Remember today because it is the beginning of always. Myself and my running community started our   challenge!! Everyone is working on goals towards physical and emotional betterment this month while building community holding each other accountable and keeping each other engaged. Follow the progress and all the ridiculous fun we are going to have hitting our insane goals! I'll be posting on my story and in my feed. If you want to feel motivated for a great summer body, stay tuned. Or if you want to laugh at my stupid ass, that's fine too. Also, isn't this photo good? I think I need to do more of this but who has time for photo shoots? Hoping I can make a few happen before I change my hairstyle one more time this year. :thinking::kissing_heart:                   :camera_with_flash:  
ll love :two_hearts:these photos send to us! Your   looks so fab :heart_eyes: glad you got to share and wear it on such an important day! :raised_hands::tone2: ll . . .      ‪                              ‬                          
When the lights go down in the city...
Ahhh 300k what!!?! Thank you all so so much for the love & support, I wouldn't be here without every single one of you :heart:️ to anyone who sees this photo, every photographer I've worked with, any brand or company who's sponsored me, the hmuas and stylists - THANK YOU SO MUCH! I literally could not be here without you. :relieved: I was "stuck" at around 290k for awhile because I was really focusing on my acting and school and just not shooting as much. I felt uninspired and unmotivated to work for you all on here. Since about a month ago, I started shooting again and trying to engage with all of you to give back to you guys what you give to me - even if that meant shooting super early even when I was tired or lazy, spending time editing photos & curating my feed to the best it could be, etc. It's hard balancing school, acting and modeling but I know I have to give you guys as much as I can - so I promise I will keep at it !! :relaxed::pray::tone2: Since I started posting on Instagram in September of 2015, my life has changed in so many amazing ways & I've made so many amazing friends! I wouldn't have any of those things if you guys weren't here to support me. Glasses girl for life :heart::nerd::dizzy:
April showers bring May flowers :hibiscus: . . . . . . . .                                                          
Finally found my dream off the shoulder top :raised_hands::tone1: It was a little pricier then what I normally like to pay but for something I'll wear nonstop it was worth it to spend more for the quality :two_hearts: Linked up my look a few similar affordable options here :point_right::tone1:            
문의 많았던       업뎃 되었어요!!! 제가 이거 핏 보다가 우리 디자이너랑 대판 한거 생각하면 눈물이:sob: 샘플 더이상 안해준다고,,,자기 일 못한다고 했던 맘 아픈 사연이:sweat_smile: 너무 이쁘게 나와 주었어요! 안감도 크렉감 있는 세틴느낌의 블라우스 원단 썼어요! 레이스는   수입으로 사용 하였구요! 허벅지라인부터 시스루 여서 더욱 시련되 보이는 요아이 오직 핑시만:heart: 핏은 말 안해도 맞춤옷처럼 뙇:sunglasses: 오늘   고고씽 합니다:sunglasses:
Chasing the light :zap:️ ||      
:joy::joy: SOUND ON! honestly guys... john and I laugh so hard when we watch these clips! it's our 11 month anniversary today and i didn't wanna post just a cute posed photo of us -- i wanted to show you the true side of us, how we play around like best friends, covering each other's faces in onion dip :yum: we were only dating for about a month at the time of these videos... so imagine how crazy we are now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy: we truly have so much fun together and i promise neither of us ever actually hurt each other, of course. i have so much love for this guy and how happy he makes me. tell me if you guys want more content like this :relaxed:️ ps. did you guys hear say "I promise you, you're gonna cry tonight" ... and then he literally made me CRY LAUGHING ahahaha :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:video creds to my sis :love_letter:
Click the link in bio to SAVE UP TO 47% TODAY! --> - GIVE IT UP FOR and DOUBLE TAP NOW! . She writes, “My results surpassed my expectations. I would recommend this to my friends because when you lose weight you gain confidence. Shredz is more than an army it's a family" - If you have questions, message or call us! We have a Live Advice Team ready to assist you reach your goals! . Talk to a coach today! :e-mail: Email:
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  : When You Don't Mind Spending Everyday Out On The Corner In The Pouring Rain :umbrella::joy::joy::joy:  
At long last the official release date is here. June 25th!!! I will see you all there. :sunglasses:    
Trash & Boujee dress:  earrings:   photo:
Seen at an anti-Trump rally in NYC.
Let my mans shave bruh :joy: Follow :arrow_right:                  
Rolls. We all got em. Make em sexy:point_up::tone2:  with ・・・ Back to this   killing it for thanks to and
may my heart be kind, my mind stay open and my spirit remain bold:dizzy:
:eyeglasses: + :coffee:️ + :cityscape: = :see_no_evil::yum: from today with :two_hearts::two_hearts:
Me before my morning coffee :coffee::triumph: tag 2 friends below & I'll check your page! :slight_smile::yellow_heart:
What's your middle name? Let's get to know each other. :rose: xo, Alyson Rae • •    
Love my golden twin  
mug shot.
Tag a photographer I should shoot with :sparkles::sparkles: & write a :camera_with_flash: below & I'll check your page :relaxed::heart:
The sky is blue. The sun rises in the east. No one wire tapped trump tower. A lie is still a lie even when denied. :no_mouth:
x :blue_heart: directed by edit
Tag a friend...Sample routine from my "Ultimate athlete program" one of the more weightlifting days, also all programs are %10 off today by using code "AKLAN". Get to it :punch::tone4: (LINK IN BIO TO ORDER)
Have a great week guys:raised_hands::tone1: "What I like about the sunsets is that sense of interior peace that they give me, that moment where I put everything behind me and I can finally admire the colors of the sky with the sun slowly going down." What is your favorite time of the day? :camera_with_flash:
Out looking for chuck bass
“Keep going. Each step may get harder, but don’t stop. The view at the top is beautiful.” :camera_with_flash:
Ahhhh.. so excited to meet everyone in NYC TOMORROW, April 22nd meet and greet, at   Location 650 6th Ave , NYNY 10011.. :weary::raised_hands::tone2:
Yesterday shooting with the amazing in NYC :heartpulse:
I was here :notes:     
Hey just give me a minute while I figure out how to get down from up here and I will be right there..:sweat_smile::thinking: I hope this doesn't make me late to the airport  :pray::tone2::joy: week full of traveling :airplane:
 : President asks Ryan to pull the bill.    
Hellooooooo Nyc! I am back! get me home because I have a weekend full of errands. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::raised_hands::tone3: 
Self-love & self-acceptance are things I think most people struggle with. I mean, I certainly do. Sometimes I wake up feeling ugly, gross, fat, depressed, etc. Sometimes I wake up feeling beautiful and confident. I think it's just a part of life. It can also be hard with a sea of "instagram models" not to feel competitive or jealous of all the beautiful women on here by basically comparing yourself to others. It's so important to remember that one woman's success and/or beauty does not take away from your own. You are beautiful. You are unique. You are loved. :heart:️ Some people may think posting photos in my underwear makes me seem insecure. It actually makes me feel empowered! I love what Emily Ratajkowski has said about this issue and she continues to inspire me by her feminist activism and confidence. I love my body today and you should too :blush:     :kiss:
back in the city
If you fear failure you're already considering it an option | Live life fearless:sparkles:

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