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365lb power clean with back there putting in work. Haven't went this heavy on power cleans in awhile, honestly out of all the crazy shit I do, I am scared to get low on cleans which is why I try to catch it so high. Like 5 years ago I did a clean got low and heard a pop, couldn't walk right hell even breath right for awhile... so yea.. - - Purchase ultimate athlete program use code "AKLAN" for 10% off today only (link in bio)
TAG A GYM PARTNER AND TRY THIS END OF WORKOUT HIIT ROUTINE. . . A1 3x10 rep deadlift A2 3x10 rep med ball slams A3 3x5 rep deadlift A4 3x5 rep medicine ball slam (60sec rest) . . Using for optimal results . .                   - Song: Saturn barz - Shoes: legacy
Epic day with and training at ... being surrounded by great people is what makes life so much easier to go through, we all have our demons to face so we must bring each other up no matter what. Vid will be up in 1hr on YouTube (link in bio) -                    
Sets of 8/10/12 only for the next few months. All the powerlifting babes I know are excite to get real swoll. :blush::muscle::tone2::heart:️ Thanks for my kewl new socks! :footprints:

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