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GM family!!   y'all remember this ..   !!!!!! I was just being me y'all!!!! I just love :kiss::kiss::kiss: 
........... :joy::joy::thinking:!!
Art. :camera_with_flash:
Happy Holidays :christmas_tree:
 , the last time I visited the  . ⠀
  :flag_us: I promise to get rid of the facial hair and focus on the issues that matter most!       :flag_mx: 
Location, location, location
After a brief detour to cry on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court, I went and cried in front of the White House on Barack Obama's last day in office. These two British reporters asked if I could share my feelings about the inauguration tomorrow. Luckily, I have lots of them.
This morning we have four Workforce Development representatives attending the Customer Center Design Learning Exchange & Celebration in Washington DC after an invitation was extended from The White House. We're honored to have them representing Riverside County and sharing their development of a mobile app to help streamline business in the County!       Pictured: Helen Parker, Mayer & Mayer Coach, T. Pham, WDB Strategy Manager, Jacquelyn Singh, WD Communications Coordinator, Wendy Frederick, WD Regional Manager, Carrie Harmon, WD Deputy Director.
DC Chillin'        
15 Workforce Boards and Non Profits from across the nation, joined together in one discussion yesterday to generate a process that starts with people and ends with answers tailor-made to put customers needs at the center!      
Throwback to that one time where me, and confused the Capitol and the White House. :flag_us:
Having a great time in D.C. at the State Presidents Conference!      

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