pink skies 🍧 (made on clip studio paint) i'd been wanting to draw this ever since i took the pic...


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meeting @darksquidge (tomska) today so i can probably post this now!! this was really fun to draw omg ---------------------------------------------- #drawing #art #tomska #chibi #fanart #print #traditionalart #digitalart #clipstudiopaint #fanart #sketch #lineart #artist
arrived at vidcon !! we got our badges this morning so we're set, and the convention center itself opens at 5:30 tonight so if anyone wants to meet up this evening lmk cause i'll probably be walking around on my own?? i didn't get a ticket for youtube onstage but i'm contemplating getting in line for it though that might get very long very quickly. anyways i look like a fucking mess cause im still a bit sick + sUnBuRn so i'm sorry in advance if u see me cause wow
tiny boi in a tiny terrarium 🌱 (speedpaint vid of this is in my bio!!) we're currently in san fransisco for a few days before vidcon it's pretty lit so far (also im loving all the pride flags aaa they're everywhere 🏳️‍🌈) i got sick the other day so unfortunately im lowkey suffering with a stuffy nose so i hope that goes away soon D: ---------------------------------------------- #drawing #art #mileschronicles #chibi #fanart #print #traditionalart #digitalart #clipstudiopaint #fanart #sketch #lineart #artist
*NEW VIDEO!* i drew a tiny miles in a terrarium, link is in my bio :,)
hi ok so i mentioned this on my story a few days ago but basically, i was thinking about creating a small group chat of people with common interests going to vidcon who might be going alone and want to make some pals/generally wants to tag along. i did this for the TATINOF show i went to last year and it was super fun so i figured i'd give it a shot for vidcon too!! ----------------------------------------------------- feel free to comment below if you'd like to be added and i'll include as many people as i can depending on how many are interested!! (if you like memes then good cause it'll probably be filled with them at some point) (it'll also be LGBT+ friendly ofc) 💕 #vidcon2017
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