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Pearl Jam
Mi felicidad!              
Volcan Masaya, Nicaragua
Lava Lake, Volcan Masaya!                
1 year old wedding cake!  
Javier, Marissa, Rafael! Celebrando el nacimiento de Cristo!           mi hijo  
Seattle, Washington
Crocodile Bar Seattle, Washington right before Alaska! At a bar where Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, mother love bone and more use to play!                  
Tracy Arm Fjord
Ruby Princess Alaska
Una ballena desde nuestro balcon!!! A whale from our balcony!!!          
Iglesia Santo Domingo, Las Sierritas
With my woes!                          !  !  
San Judas Tadeo, Apóstol de Jesus y un gran intercesor. Si alguien tiene un problema difícil, de esos que parecen imposibles, recen esto. Es el Santo de las causas imposibles. Jamas me ha fallado, y los testimonios que escucho, incluyendo de personas que no eran tan creyentes, son verdaderamente increíbles. Toma este paso de Fe, reza esta pequeña oracion, y pedi por su intercesión en tu caso mas difícil. Si estas viendo esto, es por algo!      .jude        
What an amazing year 2016 was for us, we got married, we had the greatest honeymoon in Alaska, Seattle and Victoria, BC, and the best news came June when we realized we had broken the laws of physics and created something out of nothing, we created a soul, and in a few weeks we will meet our blessing Rafael Baez Paniagua! Oh yeah, my wife took me to see a USF football game! Hadn't done that in almost 10 years! Go Bulls! Las but not least, i was blessed to meet a person that was canonized as a Saint that came to Nicaragua back in the 80s! Im looking forward to what God has for us in 2017!  
Not sleeping has never been so worth it! Love this little guy! Rafael Javier Baez Paniagua                

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I can stare at him for hours and only keeps me smiling. I use to hear the old cliche from other parents of "you'll see, when your baby is born, it changes you", i use to brush this off (now i know that its because its hard to imagine the amount of love you feel) now i know this is an understatement! It truly is a blessing from God, who blessed my Wife and I's love and entrusted us with this angel. Welcome to the world Rafael Baez Paniagua.        
He loves being with his dad!
  to a year and 3 days ago, January 9th 2016, the day I was joined to the woman God set on this earth for me in the Sacrament of Matrimony. 1 year later, there are 3 of us now. God blessed our love as Mons. Silvio Baez told us to keep "las 3 F" Fuerte Fecundidad y Fidelidad!                

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University of South Florida
Back in USF this time with my Gator wife and my future Bull son! Go Bulls! Game day!              :ox:      
Grandpa (my dad) surprise visit to Rafael, sending me selfies, makes you want to leave work early to hug this little guy :sob:        
Sain Mother Teresa and I!!!          

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