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Excelsior, Minnesota
It might be cold down there but that place warms my heart more than any other. :blue_heart::snowflake::airplane_small: Incredible holiday with my family - old + new. :couple:
CBS Broadcast Center
Holding down the desk like it's gonna fly away! :tv::basketball:2 A-10, 1 Mountain West, 1 Inside College Basketball, 3 gentleman.
Brooklyn Bowl
...and I'm never letting go! :couple::ring:
"I love those who can smile in trouble, who can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection." -Leonardo da Vinci :two_hearts: This year I gain a Mom :ring:, and I couldn't feel luckier to now have BOTH of these women in my life. Their grace, strength, and wisdom better everyone's lives they touch. :two_women_holding_hands:
Going through all of our backseat-taxi :heart::cry: you were our home while we fell in love, now onto OUR next chapter. :couple:
My heart + soul are glowing because of my amazing east coast family ! Filled with stories, Skittles, wine tasting, friends, old photos, and laughter. :yellow_heart:
:football:CBS Sports Network: 7p EST tonight Chris Simms, Brian Jones, Adam Archuleta, and Warren Moon -- we're breaking down the quarterbacks for the !
Mullins Center
a solid little sunday calling women's hoops on cbssn up at umass :person_with_blond_hair::tone2:‍♀️:tv::basketball::muscle::tone2:
(le) poisson rouge
Because what's without a high leg kick? :dancers:
The Garage 611
Life can still be extreme in the rear view mirror ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :information_desk_person::tone2:
Just in 2017 I've been from San Diego, Chicago, Providence, New York, to Seattle! :muscle::tone2::airplane:️ I have to fly comfortably so it's :100: for me. :football::basketball:
San Deigo La Jolla Cove
seaweed secrets + barefoot kisses :kiss: hey handsome, let's get married in a few months!
The Garage 611
last week :lipstick::dancer::tone2::gem: :information_desk_person::tone2:
Dunkin' Donuts Center Providence
:lock::key: locked in - wrapped up a 3rd game in 4 days in 3 cities! 2017 is off to a GREAT start... for too :ok_hand::tone2: :basketball:season
Detroit Lions vs Seattle Seahawks
I may be back in NYC already but I chatted with last night after the win - hear from him during the NFL Today NOW on CBS :football:
photo grid assessment: • announcing your engagement is special :ring::two_hearts: + turkeys are wildly popular :fire: • ANY game photo is a true winner :ok_hand::tone2: Thank you for the love + occasional funny comments on my friends :sparkles::champagne_glass:
Lake Minnetonka
My Christmas Love :heart::christmas_tree::ring:
Depaul University-Lincoln Park
:raised_hands::tone2: Early goes to my tall friends! Only could convince you two it was a good idea to go watch a women's basketball game you have no vested interest in except for the person with the headset on :dancers::dancers: :grimacing:
Kansas City Chiefs vs San Diego Chargers
No words to describe the awesomeness that is my job. 35 sideline games under my belt. Feeling accomplished but time to roll :basketball:!
Canada - United States Border
:christmas_tree: from our entire crew! Crazy one today in Buffalo but the escape :football: and now time for me to cross into :flag_ca: just so I can get home to Minnesota :heart:️.
Mohegan Sun Arena
2nd half of our doubleheader coming up on CBS Sports Network! vs :basketball::dancer::tone2::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I promise I'll have my ear piece tucked in by tip off time.
Mohegan Sun
No matter how many football games I work here is a skill that will never leave me: just hang out with the guys and talk hoops :basketball::upside_down: Doubleheader TONIGHT on CBS Sports Network: 6p ET vs 8:30p ET vs
I need it to be football season like the 90s need this jean jacket back. :football::v::tone2::eyeglasses:
To the best I've ever been able to post. Let's just say: "Good game ladies... you left it all out there on the field." :dancers::surfer::tone2:‍♀️

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:pineapple::ring::sunny::tropical_drink::bikini: Single days may be dwindling but I'll always be fun.
FirstEnergy Stadium
Tiny Jamie, Large Gronk, Great Interview   revel in Tom Brady's return to the field!
Gillette Stadium, Foxborough, Mass.
Feels good to be back with a couple of classic New Englanders.   :football:  

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London, United Kingdom
Came to London for football and tea... Leaving with a fiancé! Feeling lucky and in love. :revolving_hearts:        
London, United Kingdom
  wins, we're  , more   tomorrow,   from :flag_gb:. :football::part_alternation_mark::ring:        
After college basketball ends - before NFL begins.. we talk a little baseball! Pumped to fill-in on last night - especially for Day :baseball: :hatching_chick:

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Getting ready with Eddie at this morning!
May I crash your honeymoon!? :heart::tada::dancer::tone2::dancer::tone2:Mrs. Buckman!!
Zoom in to the city allllll the way at the bottom by the water. That's where we started. Never again!!! Hahaha if I look at peace and amazed by the view, I'm not. In fact AuBree and I cant breathe and are both thinking hurry up and take this damn pic so we can get down to the water for a :wine_glass:!! Hahaha
Still getting dominated by :rolling_eyes::flag_it::shrug::tone2:‍♀️
Despite her jersey, we are family :heart:️ thankful for the opportunity to travel between what Joe and I call "work." I get to see people who speak straight to my heart and will always be everything to me!!

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