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HIIT workout complete:heavy_check_mark:️ Dips/hammer curls/cardio/abs/chest intervals of 10X3 done in 30 min. :right_facing_fist::tone3::boom::left_facing_fist::tone3: . Everyone be safe out there today!:muscle::tone3: . .                                                            
This germ of a human is the very reason I joined law enforcement. Wish I could have been there to stop him from taking that old mans life. I knew this coward would take the easy way out so to that I say, good riddens sucka. . .   . .                                                
:checkered_flag::fire: Photograph by Tony G. .                                                              
Shout out to my big sister for national sibling day. :fist::tone3:I have 2 older brothers and one sister and 2 other older sisters from South America. But my big sis right here has always been there for me since kids. Whether getting on my nerves or giving good advice, shes the best and I know our Mom is proud of us watching from heaven:pray::tone3::heart:️ . .                                              
I painted this mural of Prince last year in honor of one of the last dopest musicians of our generation. :musical_note::metal::tone3::umbrella::guitar: Long live the music! . .                                                &b              
When Soundwave hears today's rap music vs. good ol' 80's Hip Hop...:headphones::musical_note: . . "Rumble. Eject..operation wreck the DJ...":boom::robot::punch: . Just having fun, I'm still working on the background and shaders of this illustration but Soundwave and Rumble are my favorite Transformers next to Optimus and Hot Rod. . .                                                              
"Perspective" Pic by Tony G.                                                        
Happy Flex Friday:muscle::tone3::muscle::tone3::flag_us::lion_face::coffee:️ Soon as I finish my coffee, run some errands, pick up my tactical gear, It's gym time. Y'all keep safe today out there! :punch::tone3::boom: . .                                                            
0530...:sunny::night_with_stars: Photo by Tony G. . .                                                            
I made this custom design as reimagined as a heel for last years WWE 2K16 for the Xbox One game console. The design was free downloadable content that had Cena rockin "Hostile Disloyal Disrespectful" on his ring attire instead of his normal "Hustle Loyalty Respect" theme he's had during the last decade. He also wore a durag instead of his usual ball cap, lol. . I doubt WWE creative would ever have Cena turn heel, so it was cool to see players download this and wreak havoc on the WWE roster with a heel Cena. :punch::tone3::boom::boom: . .                                          :art:                        
:flag_us:Presidential detail finished:flag_us: As much as I love photography and sharing aspects of my career with my blue line family :black_circle::large_blue_circle::black_circle:️, my job comes first and I can't compromise intel. Now that the details finished, I can say everyone was kept safe. I really enjoy operating with my new unit and getting the chance to work with the secret service. They're tactically organized and really stand up guys. That's it for now, everyone please be safe this weekend. peace!:pray::tone3: . .                                                            

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Hey  , I found your Hammer. :hammer::boom::muscle::tone3: . .                                                            
Cooling down up here after a good run and workout. About to head on in for the nightshift. Wishing everyone out there to be safe and protect yourself if necessary. :muscle::tone3::pray::tone3:Peace! • •                                                            
BIIIG UPS to my homie !! :right_facing_fist::tone3::boom::left_facing_fist::tone2:If y'all don't know that's fam' since the film Triple 9 and he was able to connect me to meet the legend, "The Gunny" Mr. Ronald Lee Emry at this years NRA convention!:fist::tone3::boom: I've Been watching his movies since I was 6 years old. He's the original military Bad ass and tech advisor/actor of Full Metal Jacket, Purple Hearts and Saving Silverman to name a few! My kid also had a blast at the convention and special thanks again to my homie for the signed Prison Ramen book. Epic stuff going on right now, so blessed to know and keep in contact with real down to earth people I've met both in the field and on set:pray::tone3::pray::tone3::100: Humbled to the soul and learning from the best!:fist::tone3: . .                                                                  

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Just a low key guy in an elevator on his way to work out. :lifter::tone3::muscle::tone3::flag_us: Be safe today y'all:pray::tone3: .                                                  
  Life is short. Enjoy it, take pictures, leave a legacy behind, do something you've been putting off forever that ignites your passion. Be DOPE. Build a timeline that reflects your ups and downs and most importantly, your blessings. :pray::tone3::heart:️forever my fam'! . .                                                          
Happy Flex Friday to Mi Hermanos y Hermanas:muscle::tone3::right_facing_fist::tone3::boom::left_facing_fist::tone3: This old man needs coffee lol:older_man::tone3::coffee::thumbsup::tone3: . Be safe & blessed today! . .                                                                  

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415, that's how many pounds I was when I started weighing myself. . That's why this is what my Friday night looks like. .
Life's a Beach.
I was gonna skip leg day today because I was on vacation. . Just playin. .
To live the life that you want to lead.... you need to surround yourself with people that support you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week!
Leg day with the () ・・・ Some clips from yesterday's leg day with my crew. These folks traveled almost an hour to get a workout at my gym s . Now that's what I call . . .
:purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart: ---------------------------------------------------- One of my closest friends told me "I don't want to see you get hurt. I love that you never back down from a fight. Your passion for what you believe in is part of what makes me love you. But I don't want to see it blow up on you." -----------------------------------------------------I will NEVER back down without a fight, tell me I can't do something and I will find a way!!
Always a good time hanging with the at block party!! :muscle::tone1::sunglasses:
Heading out to a workout with my and in spirit I'm expecting to be crawling home :joy::joy::joy:
I was tagged by to post a picture and 5 things I love about myself.. 1. My determination and drive 2. My stubbornness 3. Uniqueness (I am who I am) 4. My relationship with my mama bear 5. I'm goofy and always laughing I tagged some of my swolesisters and am challenging them to do the same!!
Happy Fit Couple Friday!!! Is that a thing?? If not I just made it a thing! The duo of and motivate and inspire me on a daily basis!! I can always count on one or both of them for a pep talk, real talk or to call me out on my bs!! Very thankful to call them my friends!! :purple_heart::hugging: ------------------------- What inspires you?? -------------------------
Mood = Black & white and a smile! Just because :hibiscus::wilted_rose::hibiscus:
My face because I have hours of bday party planning for my son's birthday and not enough hours to do it all :cry::flushed::sleepy: and no energy to pull it off lol

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